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Thread: kit less pen making

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    Not my making but a gift from a mate.Yes it will work as a spanner. It was cut from a plate of 3/8 Stainless Steel.Yes it was cut out then drilled and tapped either end and a method of holding the refill and bringing it forward and back fitted. I showed it to you so you could see how normal taps and dies can be used in a pen.


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    Quote Originally Posted by silver View Post
    Personal speaking you don't "need" special taps and dies for all parts of the kitless pen making.

    The only special tap you will need is the one that fits either the nib feeder in to the nib housing or if you chose to buy a nib housing then the tap to suit the housing.

    As for the cap and body you can use any threaded tap that suits your requirements, the only thing I would say is buy a fine metric thread.

    There are special double and triple start taps and dies out there specific for kit-less lens, but I would recommend trying stock taps and dies first to see how you get on with kitless pen making,
    What Eamonn said.
    I have used both fine and course thread to make kitless pens.
    I later bought some 10.75 and 12.75 taps and dies from epay to make kitless baron style pens and got my taps for the nib feeder from Phil.

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