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Thread: Better pen finish

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    Your dipping method is so impressive Les, but that gear is very expensive.

    Kind regards John.

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    My thoughts on costing John if I was to adopt any fixed method of finishing I would analyse the costs based on necessity ,quality and always just how many pens I make. Just now for me I have found my output is quite small and erratic. This makes glues and finishes expensive for me because I buy 2 oz CA and larger glues and alas i cast out a lot of product. An old adage is store what you use ,use what you store. Bit like insurance you can not see yourself without having it for securities sake. The best insurance ever for me on the house we built in 1954 55 was called a reversionary one that completely covered the house for us I was twenty years old at that time and I tried to ensure Wilma would be able to cope best if anything happened to me.

    In the middle of this year it has been 64 yrs since I adopted full insurances.Rarely have I needed to claim on anything.

    With pensI am trying to use what I have in my stash and put up with spoilidge of CA and glue. I find satisfaction in being ready to go when there is a window of time and ability in my favourite hobby.

    Paul life is compromise but it is important to maintain a finish that is lasting remembering others receiving or buying have their preferences as well. I am reminded every time I pass an important building that used rusted steel as a finish it nearly makes me choke. Here I try to avoid rust there they flaunt it.

    Nil Desperandum


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