View Full Version : Whatever happened to...

Twin Oaks
11-05-17, 13:45
The little collapse arrows at the end of the title bar on each subsection of the forums?
It allowed you to reduce the forum section, making it easier to read the rest of the forum.

The only ones I see left is at the bottom of the forum allowing you to collapse the Stats section.
The title greeting bar allows you to still do it, but none of the rest of the forum title bars have them anymore.

Forum Phil
11-05-17, 20:44
Oooh - that's a good question Herb. I don't know to be honest - I hadn't noticed they'd gone as I never use them myself. All I can think of is that the software was upgraded a few weeks ago, and they may have vanished with that. Nothing has been altered on the mothership apart from that.

12-05-17, 07:49
Take your eyes off it and it gone............... Just like things in my shed.:doh: