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07-07-17, 14:55
I'm about to start developing our Bottle stopper / Shaving brush handle moulds/molds!
What sort of size would you like to see? I'm thinking of the option of 2 different moulds a 40mm diameter x 65mm high & 45mm diameter x 65 diameter version! Both capable of casting 2 blanks at a time to keep costs down as a 4 blank version would use a lot of silicone and be pretty costly.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated 🙂

13-07-17, 17:27
We've just added two Bottle Stopper / Shaving Brush Moulds (http://www.penblanksandmoulds.co.uk/other-moulds) to our website, they're available in both 40mmx65mm & 45mmx65mm, available in Addition & Condensation cure silicone. They're not as cheap as I would have liked but it is unbelievable the amount of silicone that these heavy duty moulds take.


13-07-17, 22:13
There is a trend this time of the year planning for presents and sales I would say timely in every sense.


13-07-17, 23:11
Looking good Paul.:thumbs::thumbs:

14-07-17, 09:32
Thanks Guys I really appreciate your support :thumbs: