View Full Version : Who can spot the difference?

27-09-17, 21:19
We're going to be adding these Coffee Bean Pen Blanks to our website over the weekend, but in the meantime can you spot the difference between the four batches?


27-09-17, 21:33
I prefer my espresso dark roast if ya get my drift ;)

27-09-17, 21:48
To me the third batch is lighter and the fourth darker.


28-09-17, 00:26
Different beans ones Kenyan and the other Brazilian:funny::funny::funny:

Terry Q
28-09-17, 00:51
One batch is obviously decaffeinated.:ciggrin::ciggrin:

Gregory Hardy
28-09-17, 05:49
Batch three has cream and sugar!

28-09-17, 07:01
Definitely not decaffeinated and non have cream or sugar, although I'm planing on making a cream coloured version so you can order them with milk or with cream :winking:

Phil Dart
28-09-17, 11:54
C'mon then Paul, spill the beans.


28-09-17, 12:09
C'mon then Paul, spill the beans.



28-09-17, 12:21
Ok then, the first set are made using just generic unstabilised beans, the other three are made using stabilised beans, but they're not just any old coffee beans! They are cast using beans from the major coffee shop chains, so now you can turn a pen from your favourite coffee brand, even with the Stabilised coffee beans you can smell the coffee while drilling & turning.

But which chains are they??? :wink:

28-09-17, 12:55
Maybe one pen you won't mind in your mouth. :tongue: