View Full Version : Costa, Neros & Starbucks Coffee Bean Acrylic Blanks

08-02-18, 20:03
Seeing that our Generic Non-Stabilised Coffee Bean Blanks seem to turn as successfully as our Stabilised Blanks, we now also have our Costa, Neros & Starbucks Coffee Bean Blanks available using Non-Stabilised Beans.

Due to the way we prepare our beans the chances of loosing beans during turning are very minimal. Each order comes with an instruction sheet with guidelines for successful turning.

7.95 for Non-Stabilised (7.45 for Generic)
9.95 for Stabilised (9.45 for Generic)

They can be ordered from our website www.penblanksandmoulds.co.uk (https://www.penblanksandmoulds.co.uk/coffee-bean-pen-blanks) alternatively you can just pm me and I can send you a PayPal link.


08-02-18, 20:25
Very refreshing ingredients for most.


09-02-18, 07:28
Looking good.:thumbs::thumbs: