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20-02-18, 10:38
We have many pieces of wood for pen makers, we're based in Ipstones just outside of Stoke-on-trent Staffordshire. We have all sorts of wood for woodturning also. You're welcome to visit and check out our website: Exotic Hardwoods UK Ltd | Welcome (http://www.exotichardwoodsukltd.com)

20-02-18, 12:15
I have been intending to come up and see you sometime, I used to work at that big factory in the valley, the one that puts the steam out the stack and makes grey stuff. :thumbs:

Interesting tho, I now have two exotic wood suppliers within 25 minutes of my house ..:banana::banana: happy days.

Some nice wood there tho as well.

20-02-18, 20:54
I drooled all over my screen when I went into your pen blank shop by computer,if they are true representations of what is available they would satisfy all penmakers. Close to home the pic of Brown Mallee Burl was in the AAA class IMHO and I have seen many thousands of blanks from this remarkable burl.



Paul hd
20-02-18, 21:40
I bought some cheap blanks from these guys when I started turning and got great service.

I might have to get some of the Amboyna one of these days. :thumbs:

21-02-18, 07:16
You have some lovely timber there Kirk.:drool:

alan morrison
04-03-19, 21:12
Just checked out your pen blanks page WOW, I'll start saving

04-03-19, 22:17
Love the blanks from you Kirk .... but now I have a spy in your midst :funny:

01-01-20, 15:24
Very nice wood, Thanks for the post.:thumbs:

13-08-21, 21:03
Just had a peep and got to say you have some very nice wood.
I actually had heard of some species :drool: