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17-10-18, 15:49

This casting mould is truly universal and has endless possibilities as to what you can cast from it, for example, with a full cast you can cross cut blanks to required length for shaving brush handles, bottle stoppers, spinning tops etc. You can cut the blank lengthways to get four 20mm x 20mm x 180mm pen blanks or slice the blank lengthways to create matching knife scales. You can also just partially fill the mould with resin (we’ve added a handy fill line at the halfway point) for 2 pen blanks or 1 set of knife scales etc, the list is endless. If you don’t want to cast the full length of the mould you can use a piece of HDPE or other suitable material to create a shorter cavity.

1 cavity @ 45mm x 45mm x 180mm.

The cavity requires approx 360ml of resin to fill line.

External Dimensions of mould - 74mm x 210mm x 60mm.

Note: internal height of the cavities are 50mm to prevent spillages and has a handy indicator line to enable you to fill to the right level.

www.penblanksandmoulds.co.uk/universal-casting-mould (https://www.penblanksandmoulds.co.uk/universal-casting-mould)

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Universal acclaim Paul always impressive.


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Very professional.:thumbs:

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As you say Paul, truly universal. Excellent!!