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14-11-18, 20:51

These plugs, when used in conjunction with any of our 20mm Single Pen Blank Moulds, make it possible to Label/Tube-In cast in virtually any pen kit on the market without needing to purchase our dedicated “Less-Resin” Moulds. The plugs come in 2 different sizes, small plugs cover 7mm-10.7mm tubes and large plugs cover 9.5mm-14mm tubes.

This is a great system if using lots of different tube sizes however if you do multiple casts using the same tube size our dedicated “Less-Resin” Moulds would be more suitable and use considerably less resin (as the name implies) saving you money in the long run.
For example -
2 x Slimline tubes use 60ml of resin with the Tube-In plugs but only 45ml of resin in a “Less-Resin” Mould.
2 x Sierra tubes use 50ml resin (small plugs) or 60ml resin (Large plugs) using the Tube-In plugs but only 40ml resin in a “Less-Resin” Mould.

Plugs are sold in pairs so you can customise the number and the size of plugs that you require. Depending on tube and plug sizes you can fit 2 tubes per cavity in our Long and Extra Long Single Pen Blank Moulds.

www.penblanksandmoulds.co.uk/tube-in-casting-plugs (https://www.penblanksandmoulds.co.uk/tube-in-casting-plugs)

Cumbrian Craig
14-11-18, 22:09
Great idea:thumbs::thumbs: I'm hopefully going to use the mould from yourself my better half bought for me back in August soon.



14-11-18, 22:25
Looks just like Solimould and Maneater

14-11-18, 22:40
Looks just like Solimould and Maneater

But these are designed to be used in our existing range of Silicone Single Pen Blank Moulds, so for everyone who has already purchased our moulds they don’t necessarily have to be buying another mould.
By the way our moulds are Silicone & not HDPE like the others.