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03-06-14, 19:50
Resizing your images for this and other forums that you visit .. :wink:

Go here and download the free program.. (http://www.irfanview.com/)

This tutorial is for doing a single picture at a time.. :thumbs:

This program can also resize an entire folder of images, which i am sure once you know how to do this easy tutorial you will soon be able to learn how to do the batch resizing ..

Once you have downloaded the program open it (I saved mine to the desktop)

Click on the folder at the top left (See Image) and go top the folder tha holds the image that you need to resize.


Once you have the image in the program click on "Image" on the drop down box click on "Resize/Resample"


On the left hand side of the new open box you can see the sizes that the image can be resized to, you can select either of the top two, 640 x 480 or 800 x 600, this depends on the size of your original for quality.

You can also use the boxes on the left hand size to manually put the image size in, just place lets say 650 in the first box the second box will automatically put in the other figure.


Once you have selected the size click OK .. Now just click on the folder at the top left again, and in the drop down box click on "Save As" name the image and save to your folder .. It is that simple .. :winking:

03-06-14, 19:57
Good tutorial Jim and a useful link to the software :thumbs:

03-06-14, 20:15
Great tutorial but I'm more interested in how you have a BBQ/Smoker that transforms into a pen mandrel :goesred: :face:

03-06-14, 20:21
l was wondering that as well :thinks::roflmao::roflmao:

03-06-14, 20:23
Because i couldn't be arsed to look for the folder from the first edit lol .. :ciggrin:

Neil Lawton
03-06-14, 20:41
I use something similar Jim.
Fotosizer Batch Image Resizer - Home (http://www.fotosizer.com/)

03-06-14, 21:04
I use something similar Jim.

Do you do your own smoking as well then?:devil:
Great tut by the way Jim,

Neil Lawton
03-06-14, 21:11
Do you do your own smoking as well then?:devil:
Great tut by the way Jim,

Yup, and I have the nicotine stains to prove it:ave_it::funny:

03-06-14, 21:32
Thanks for that Jim, I have used Irfanview for years now and it's amazing the number of people I have told and now use it.
I use PSP to crop my images and the Irfanview to resize them.

take care
Don W
PS It doesn't make the pictures any better, I have still to work on that :nooidea: