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30-10-14, 19:19
There is a word "page contents" on every page that I did not see before. Just to let you know that the page code is "broken" somewhere. Here is what I see on few different browsers. If this is a feature and not an error, I apologise.

30-10-14, 19:22
Strange, not happening with me, I'm sure Jim will pick this up and look into it for you

30-10-14, 19:34
Yep I can see it too, using Firefox browser :thinks:

Vic Perrin
30-10-14, 19:35
Yep I've got it to on my iPad using Safari


30-10-14, 19:37
There's a bit of orphan text in the code that's causing it. Looks as though it's only in the Pen Skin, the others are OK.

<meta content="4C2FC7AF5843E92FB2CF7EA940788FDB" name="msvalidate.01"></meta>
Pen Turning Forums


page contents

<style type="text/css"></style>

30-10-14, 22:12
Jim this one of the problems I first encountered on this site but I never got back to you about it.I have it showing as well.

30-10-14, 23:18
Guys, it is authentication to a code i am using for some stats to the forum .. I had to place it in the header to show that i owned the forum .. :thumbs:

31-10-14, 06:26
I have seen that and put it down to my crappy connection.:whistling:

31-10-14, 09:50
I feel left out now because I can't see it