View Full Version : How to use the Forum Statistic Bar

07-06-13, 23:48
Here is a little tutorial to help understand the Forum Statistic Bar ... :thumbs:

At the bottom of the forums you will see the "Top 10 Stats" box, at the end of the word "Stats" you can make out a little image which is pointing downwards, click on this and it will bring you up 2 options ...

1: View More
2: Turn Off Top Stats

By clicking on Number 1 "View More" you can change the viewing stats from 5 to a max of 200. Thou it would benefit you when you finish to put the stats back to 5, othewise the forum will run much slower for you. :thumbs:

Number 2 is quite obvious what it does. :bwink:


Hope this helps ... Still not sure? Then post your question in here ... :thumbs: