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26-03-17, 17:36
We have just updated our website with our revised sized Pen Blank/Block Moulds. (http://www.penblanksandmoulds.co.uk/pen-Blank-moulds) We've made the moulds 5mm higher to avoid spillage and included a handy indicator line on the inside of each mould to enable you to fill to the right level, and also the name and size of blanks are embossed on the outside.

Due to the new moulds being slightly smaller (from 150mm to 135mm long) we've been able to reduce the price of the moulds.
Block Mould - 20-25mm x 150mm x 135mm
Double Pen Blank Mould - 3 blanks @ 20mm x 43mm x 135mm
Single Pen Blank Mould - 5 blanks @ 20mm x 20mm x 135mm

Note: If purchasing Condensation Cure moulds please check that they will be suitable for any resins you plan to use in them as they are not recommended for use in most clear resins, please click here (http://www.penblanksandmoulds.co.uk/silicone-moulds) for details on Condensation vs Addition Cure silicones. We would recommend using Addition Cure moulds as they have numerous advantages over the Condensation Cure moulds such as, being suitable for all types of resins, more rigid making it easier to transfer your mould to a pressure pot and having up to a 20 year shelf life compared to a 5 year shelf life with Condensation Cure moulds. The only advantage for pen turners of purchasing Condensation Cure moulds is the cheaper cost.

We are planning on making other sized moulds including bottle stoppers, shaving kits etc. If there's anything specific you are wanting please contact us as we are always looking to extend our range.

26-03-17, 17:47
Opposite side of the Pen Blank/Block Moulds

26-03-17, 21:18
Totally impressed by the moulds especially the embossed info on each one for efficiency.


29-03-17, 19:30
THANKS Peter, it's been a lot of hard work but hopefully worth it!

29-03-17, 20:34
Very professionally made, well well done.:thumbs::thumbs:

17-09-17, 21:00
We've just added this slightly larger Block Mould (http://www.penblanksandmoulds.co.uk/block-mould-bm02) to our website after manufacturing it as a custom sized mould for a customer in Germany.


17-09-17, 21:12
I have used your Moulds Paul and I am impressed, they are well made and very practical, I rest My case. :thumbs::thumbs:

18-09-17, 07:31
I have used your Moulds Paul and I am impressed, they are well made and very practical, I rest My case. :thumbs::thumbs:

I'm glad your happy with them John, your custom is appreciated.