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  1. Sell: Turning Books
  2. Sell: High Figured spanish olivewood
  3. Sell: Lathe and tooling
  4. Sold: Bock Nibs
  5. Sold: Jet JWL-1220 Wood Lathe & Accessories
  6. Sell: Jet 1015VS / 1015 Complete Toolrest Body & Rest
  7. Sell: Jet M33 Faceplate
  8. Sell: Jet Spindle Adaptor - M33 to 1 x 8 TPI
  9. Sold: Planet Tools / Rotur Deluxe Collet Universal Pen Mandrel (MT2)
  10. Sold: Planet Tools / Rotur Pen Mandrel Saver (MT2)
  11. Sell: Poplar burl pen blanks
  12. Sell: Router Table
  13. Sell: Panga Panga
  14. Sold: Axminster Electronic Variable Speed Lathe
  15. Sell: Muninga (Pterocarpus Angolensis)
  16. Sell: Record Power CL3 48 with Stand
  17. Sell: Sell bandsaw blades
  18. Sell: Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe & Stand
  19. Sell: Vacuum pump Easy Composites for sale
  20. Sell: 34 Poplar burl pen blanks size 150x25x25 mm
  21. Sell: Poplar burl live edge table top
  22. Oak Whiskey Barrel pen blanks
  23. Sell: Tormek T4 or T8
  24. Sell: Maple burl offcuts,black locust burl offcuts,wild cherry burl offcuts
  25. Sell: Scotch Whisky pen blanks
  26. Sell: Olive -Wood pen Blanks
  27. Sell: Nova jaws
  28. Sell: Chestnut Buffing Kit
  29. Sold: Small Buffing Wheels and Collet Set
  30. Sell: Harry Potter Pen Blanks
  31. Sell: Maple burl pen blanks
  32. Sell: Hybrid Blanks For Sale
  33. Sell: Spalted Tamarind pen blanks
  34. Sell: Poplar burl live edge offcuts with spikes
  35. Sell: Pen Blank
  36. Sell: The christ church pen blanks
  37. Sell: Bolivian rosewood
  38. Sell: Lovely Pen Blanks
  39. Sell: NIcely Figured Pen Blanks/Off Cuts
  40. Sell: Bocote pen blanks
  41. Sell: Pen blanks
  42. Sell: Whisky cask pen blanks
  43. Sell: Things i don't use
  44. Sell: American black walnut
  45. Sell: Black locust burl resin casting offcuts
  46. Sell: Poplar burl handle holders
  47. Sell: Leopard wood pen blanks
  48. Sell: Small Draper lathe with a few bits n bobs
  49. Sell: Wood pen blanks
  50. Sell: Pictures of my Pen Blanks For Sale
  51. Sell: Cheep pen blanks
  52. Sell: Some more cheap pen blanks
  53. Sell: SS Pegu Burmese Teak blanks
  54. Sell: Curly white poplar
  55. Sell: Rrs discovery
  56. Sell: NEARLY the End
  57. Sell: Maple burl pen blanks 2 sets
  58. Sell: Poplar and ash burl lanks
  59. Sell: African black wood
  60. Sell: Poplar burl offcuts
  61. Sell: Whisky cask blanks
  62. Sell: "Blue" poplar box blocks
  63. Sell: Harry Potter
  64. Sell: Woodturning chuck
  65. Wanted: Rubber end
  66. Sell: Elektra Beckum Spa 1000 with microclean filter.
  67. Sell: HMS Warspite pen blanks.
  68. Sell: HMS Birmingham Teak pen blanks
  69. Sell: HMS Iron Duke pen blanks
  70. Sell: Vacuum Pump
  71. Sell: Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturning Lathe
  72. Wanted: Pen Tips
  73. Sell: Dual purpose stylus dibber
  74. Sell: FTAGH Stain
  75. Sell: Poplar OFFcutts for ChrisH
  76. Sell: Poplar and black locust off cuts
  77. Sell: spikes for Bammer
  78. Sell: Pen kits
  79. Sell: Stamp blanks
  80. Sell: Stamp blanks 2
  81. Sell: alder burl offcuts
  82. Sell: Alder and black locust burl offcuts
  83. Wanted: Irish Bog Wood
  84. Sell: Axminster AT1628VS lathe
  85. Wanted: Irish BOG Wood
  86. Sell: Poplar burl live edge offcuts with spikes
  87. Sell: High quality stabilised hybrid blanks
  88. Sell: Masur Birch pen blanks
  89. Sell: Head Strong Pen Making Starter Kit £30 each!
  90. Sell: Black locust burl offcuts
  91. Sell: Black locust and alder burl offcuts
  92. Sell: Pen blanks
  93. Sell: Pen kits
  94. Sell: Black locust and alder large blocks
  95. Wanted: Briar wood
  96. Sell: Viceroy Educator
  97. Sell: Taylors Mirfield Omega
  98. Wanted: AS anyone got
  99. Wanted: Christ Church College Oxford ( Harry Potter)
  100. Sell: Tulipwood
  101. Sell: Plum wood blocks
  102. Sell: Poplar and Black locust BURL caps
  103. Sell: Robert Sorby Gouges
  104. Sell: Black locust burl resin casting offcuts
  105. Sell: Pencil Kits
  106. Sell: Red mallee burr
  107. Sell: Endeavour
  108. Sell: maple and ash burl blanks
  109. Sell: Paint/resin pressure pot
  110. Sell: Pen blanks for sale. Feedback please!
  111. Sell: Free wood lathe
  112. Sell: Gouges
  113. Wanted: Pen Blanks
  114. Sell: Maple Burr
  115. Sell: Poplar burl blocks
  116. Sell: Whisky cask pen blanks
  117. Sell: Ash burl blanks minimal size 200x50x50 mm
  118. Sell: Epoxy Resin Blanks
  119. Sell: Re Blanks for sale
  120. Sell: Epoxy resin blanks for sale page 1
  121. Sell: Epoxy resin blanks for sale page 2
  122. Sell: Chuck adapters for Axminster pen lathe
  123. Sell: Poplar burl live edge table top
  124. Sell: Slimline click pen
  125. Wanted: Pen Blank
  126. Wanted: Tool Rest
  127. Sell: Poplar burl live edge offcuts with spikes size aprox 130x50 mm
  128. Sell: Valentines Label Cast Blanks For Sale
  129. Sell: Carbide chisels
  130. Sell: Locust burl
  131. Sell: London Plane Burr
  132. Sell: Black locust burl blocks for pen making
  133. Sell: Black locust burl box turning
  134. Sell: Pen mandrel
  135. Sell: Ash burl
  136. Sold: Cole Jaws
  137. Sell: Lock Down
  138. Sell: Kits
  139. Sell: Box turning blocks
  140. Sell: Planer Thicknesser
  141. Sell: Versachuck Model T
  142. Sell: TURNING WOOD with Richard Raffin
  143. Sell: Black locust burl pen blanks
  144. Sell: Taps and dies for kitless
  145. Sell: Selling all of my pen kits
  146. Sell: Brown Mallee Burr
  147. Wanted: White Holly Pen Blanks
  148. Wanted: Pen blanks wanted
  149. Sell: Axminster Evolution Tool Post 119mm (3/4 inch) x 115mm
  150. Sell: Giving up plastic....
  151. Sell: Black locust burl caps
  152. Wanted: Has anyone got?
  153. Sell: Box of black locust burl offcuts
  154. Sell: Blind Veterans Auction
  155. Sell: Axminster C jaws
  156. Sell: Vacuum pump, Vacuum chamber and pressure pot